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Case Study 1 - Contract Negotiation

A Fortune 500 Office Supply Company had these issues:



An in-house Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify the best service provider to meet its $10 Million plus annual telecom services requirements had stagnated and the decreasing time available to effect a transition to a new provider, before the current contract expired, was becoming a major risk factor.


While the client had a great deal of financial data available on its current telecom spend patterns, it was not organized in a manner that clearly defined the strategic needs for the new contract.


Despite previously engaging well known, outside resources for industry insights and legal advice regarding telecom contracts, the Client's negotiating team was frustrated in converting this advice into practical and meaningful contract negotiation results.


The results after working with Telytics:

      > In just a matter of days, Teltyics was able to break an existing negotiation stalemate and produce immediate results in meeting the Client's strategic goals and objectives.
  > Telytics negotiated an $8 Million dollar annual reduction in contractual commitment relative to previous contract.

Telytics negotiated contract language and custom service level agreements that added significant client protections and flexibility, while enhancing future negotiation leverage.


  > Telytics negotiated new rate reductions resulting in an additional $3.5 Million in projected cost savings over the contract term.
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