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Telecom Contract Audit

The goal of Telytics to help provide our customers with internal process improvement and custom telecom spend analytics to support effective telecom cost management.  We provide inside industry knowledge, technical expertise, specialized analytical skills, and project management assets to augment existing internal and external resources. The objective is to provide Client staff with the specific information needed to make the right business decisions relative to their communications services and infrastructure.  Our services focus on best practice IT/Telecom Cost Management strategic plan development, telecom expense management (TEM) solution options assessment, telecom contract analysis and negotiation support, industry benchmarking, custom telecom cost management analytics, and specialized telecom project management support.  Telytics’ services are available on either an annual retainer or project-by-project basis. 


One of the specialized services that Telytics offers is our contract rate audit services.  This service combines an invoice rate validation, services inventory documentation, and contract rate review to provide client with a baseline view of current billing services and compliance with contracted rates.  While other companies conduct these audits as a by-product of monthly invoice processing reviews, Telytics conducts these audits on an “as needed” basis to ensure the proper baseline is established to support additional optimization activities relative to contract re-negotiation and optimized services implementation.


The key elements of this service include:

  • Documenting billing inventory of services by location, service type, quantity, and unit costs.
  • Review of current contracts, including amendments, to establish applicable contractual rates.
  • Development of financial model to compare billed cost vs. contractual cost and highlight discrepancies.
  • Identification of cost savings opportunities from correcting billing discrepancies and potential service implementation optimizations.
  • Documenting audit findings and recommendations for identified issue resolution.


Steps in this process include:

  • Collecting pertinent invoice data (Client provided data, preferably in electronic format).
  • Obtaining applicable Client contracts/service orders copies to determine contracted rates.
  • Data entry into Telytics’ financial model assessment tool.
  • Color coded highlights added to financial model data fields to allow quick determination of where issues reside.
  • Telytics provides Client with completed financial model and Executive Summary Report of findings and recommended actions.


The Telytics’ pricing model for this services is typically based on a fixed fee price based on the scope of Client services being used, number of contracts involved, number of locations, number and size of invoices to be reviewed, and format of the data to be reviewed (paper vs. electronic).  Telytics considers this to be an informational service where the delivered product is a comprehensive analysis and assessment for Client, a “roadmap” of potential actions, where Client decides what future actions are to be taken. 


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