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telecom contracts
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General Overhead Expense Reduction

Telytics, Inc. has teamed up with DCI Solutions and its cadre of over 50 specialized overrhead expense optimization analysts to provide our Clients with additional options to reduce business overhead expenses beyond just IT/Telecom.


This unique program provide a no upfront cost, risk free opportunity to identify the Top 5 areas within an organization to reduce ongoing overhead expenses in any of the following areas:

  • Insurance/Benefits
  • Tax Credits
  • Freight Charges
  • Utilities
  • Services/Supplies
  • Real Estate
  • Accounts Payable Audits
  • Treasury/Finances


Unique advantages of this specialized program include:

  • No upfront cost.
  • The no cost upfront analysis identifies and quantifies the Top 5 savings opportunities.
  • Client has complete freedom to pick which of the Top 5 expense reduction opportunities it wants to take advantage of (i.e. none, 1, 2, 3, 4, or all).
  • Client only pays the contracted contigency fee once the savings are realized.
  • There is no requirement to change current service providers.
  • Minimum expected savings are at least $1.000 per employee per year ( minimum $1,000,000 per year for every 1,000 employees.


Call today for additional information and to set up an introductory call to learn more of the benefits of this program.



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Telytics has saved its Clients over $20 Million in last two years.


Telytics' President/CEO Named Top 25 Contributor to IT Financial Management Profession over past 25 years.

Telytics' President/CEO elected Executive Chairman of QED San Diego

Telytics Partners with DCI Solutions to Offer Comprehensive Risk Free Business Overhead Expense Reduction (click here to see more)

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