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Taking Control of Telecom Expense

A few words from the President/CEO of Telytics, Inc.




Gary Eckert


Telytics, inc.

Welcome to the Telytics' website!


In over 20 years in the telecom sector, and after helping clients save millions of dollars every year, I have several observations regarding the current telecom environment:


  • Consolidation of the big domestic players and emergence of new Channel Partners offering Cloud based services in the Telecom arena has brought new challenges, from both a contractual and billing perspective, to customers of these services.
  • The largest Telecom Cost Management (TCM) and/or Telecom Expense Management (TEM) providers continue to go through some major growing pains and many clients have been disillusioned, as the promises offered have often not matched the actual results.
  • The process of negotiating "best in class" telecom contracts is still dependent on having superior expertise, industry insight, and negotiation talent. Most companies are still at a major disadvantage when they try to negotiate these contracts on their own.
  • The rapid growth and deployment of mobility based services and bring your own device (BYOD) have dramatically changed overall cost management strategies and resulted in a myriad of new challenges for IT/Telecom managers.
  • Software Defined Networks (SD WAN) and associated cloud based services have brought new dynamics and cost savings opportunities.
  • Most companies do not have a comprehensive, formal plan for managing their network services expenses.  While many have addressed the problem in a piecemeal fashion, few have a defined plan that addresses all the elements needed to get maximum results.


The challenges to effective IT/Telecom Cost Management are significant.  Carrier services contracts are designed to control their customers and prevent them from comparing and taking advantage of more cost effective services available in the marketplace.  The intricate, confusing, and often deceptive language in these contracts, and in the service providers' Price and Service Guides incorporated by reference, make it difficult for customers to fully understand their contractual implications and to verify compliance.  Carrier billing systems perpetuate the problem with invoicing policies that are specifically intended to make it difficult for the customer to validate the accuracy and applicability of the charges imposed.


To address these issues, many companies turn to third party TEM providers or purchase sophisticated software tools to help manage the volumes of cost data.  Unfortunately, the invoice processing focus by most of the larger TEM providers is on bill payment and charge back accounting, and not providing the answers to key telecom cost management questions needed to most effectively control costs.  The inaccuracies of the carrier billing systems are often compounded by additional manual input of large staffs of non-telecom data entry personnel in entering this data into their own software tools.  Often the data entry task is subcontracted to lower cost facilities in foreign countries, such as India and Russia, which increases the chances of introducing additional errors into the process.  Automated software tools can assist in the invoice validation process, but often the underlying processing logic is not based on sound telecom practices, making the data output suspect.


Telytics was founded to address the shortcomings of current methodologies and processes that have hindered effective IT/Telecom Cost Management.  Our goal is not to replace current resources and tools, but to make them more effective in providing the answers needed to make sound business decisions.


As I peruse the Internet, I often visit the websites of our competitors and find very similar words describing their services in the TCM/TEM arena.  Because of this, I recognize one of our biggest challenges is differentiating ourselves from the other companies in this field.  In my mind, that differentiation is quite clear, and comes from our unique approach and business philosophy in providing our services.

Here is why I feel your company should consider Telytics as your source for telecom contract negotiation support, telecom related business analytics, and telecom project management assistance:


Independence from Carreirs/Vendors - Telytics is a true independent consultancy.  Our only compensation comes from Client fees and we do not participate in any vendor/carrier commission programs as is often the case with other so called consultants.  Our only loyalty is to our Clients and ensuring they are getting the best possible solutions, best pricing, and most flexible contract terms  for their specific business needs.

Guaranteed ROI - Telytics' services are backed by a ROI guarantee to ensure you get outstanding value for our services and represent zero investment risk to you as our clients.

Customer Focus - We focus on meeting the needs of the client, not trying to please outside investors and stockholders.

Customized Analytics - Our mission is to help our customers get the analytics they need to make the right business decisions.

The Best Analytical Tools Telytics' suite of customized, proprietary analysis tools provide the critical answers needed by our clients to make the right business decisions relative to mitigating their  IT/Telecom related expenses.

Business Perspective - We offer a true commitment to professionalism and ethics, with a big picture perspective, that combines technical expertise with business acumen.

Quality, High Value Services - While other companies focus on growth, revenues, and market image, we focus on providing quality, high value services, knowing that if we do that, the other items will take care of themselves.

Strategic Partnership - We do not consider ourselves a vendor, we see ourselves as a strategic business partner, essentially a part-time employee, and an adjunct to your team.

Client Education - We do not sell products, we offer expert tactical, strategic, and educational assistance to help meet your telecom related goals and objectives.

Supplemental Outsourcing - We are not out to replace other resources you may have, but to supplement them and provide additional insight and perspective to enhance and maximize the value and benefits of such relationships.

Knowledge, Experience, and Talent - We provide you all three key ingredients to maximize results. Many others have the knowledge, some may have the experience, but only a select few rise to the top, blessed with a talent for doing something exceptionally well on a consistent basis.

Superior Results - Telytics provides superior results, with a track record second to none, helping our clients achieve maximum value on their telecom dollar.

Business Philosophy - Our business approach is simple..."Be the Client's advocate and help them reach their goals and objectives"...Don't sell, just deliver beyond expectations"..."Always provide much more value than our fee"..."Provide answers, not just data"..."Be ethical and professional".


Telytics can be an excellent resource for your company.  We have not found a company yet that could not benefit from our services.  Telytics can take your Telecom Cost Management strategy from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Let us know how we can be of service.  Telytics is here to help.

In Summary, I firmly believe there is no one better or more committed to doing what we do. If you want to maximize the return on investment (ROI) on your telecom services and infrastructure, let us join your team. I am confident you will find working with Telytics to be a refreshing and rewarding experience.

Thank you for visiting our site.




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